RPA – A Revolution for your enterprise

25 - Oct - 2023

RPA is becoming a hot keyword in Vietnam, after just 0.41 seconds of searching on Google, you can get nearly 120 million results. So, what is RPA, and what makes RPA the top concern of businesses today?

What is RPA?   

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is the process by which programmed software robots automate repetitive tasks that humans previously handled. With RPA, we can save time and do tasks faster because RPA does not need to rest.

RPA appeared in the early 2000s, however, it was not popular until two decades later, RPA has increasingly got bigger attention and its market size has been predicted to dramatically grow from 2.65 billion in 2022 to 23.9 billion in 2030 (Precedence Research).

RPA Market Size (2021 - 2030)

Global RPA applications   

In the world, there are many corporations and companies that have implemented an RPA solution in their business operations and achieved amazing results.

A good example to mention is the success of Uber company when applying an RPA solution to business process automation on a global scale. After more than 3 years of implementation, Uber has more than 100 automation devices in production, saving $ 10 million per year with an ROI increase of 350% / per year.

Since 2017, Spotify has invested in RPA in key departments such as Finance, Customer Service, and Legal, which has brought impressive results when saving more than 45000 working hours per year.

Heineken – a beer brand from Germany is also known as one of the leading companies that have successfully applied RPA. Deal with managing more than 80 branches worldwide, since 2018, Heineken has made a wise decision when investing in RPA and saving up to 14,000 man-hours per month. It was a good start for an ambitious plan.

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Opportunities and challenges of RPA in Vietnam   

With the great potential results of RPA globally, Vietnamese enterprises are not out of that wave. Some prominent enterprises in Finance & banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Retail have deployed RPA and witnessed positive results, such as: TPBank, BIDV, HDBank, HSBC, Vinamilk, and Central Retail, etc.

Meanwhile, the government is now promoting and encouraging the process of business automation through investment preferential policies. Vietnamese human resources and successful RPA application projects have shown that it is time to take a careful consideration to apply RPA to your business if you don’t want to be left behind.

Besides the opportunities ahead, businesses also need to be well prepared for many challenges. The journey is predicted to be a long-term and very high-cost investment at the early stage. Furthermore, many different problems can happen during the implementation of RPA. Therefore, enterprises need to standardize the processes and learn cautiously to work with the best RPA vendor, which will help them deploy the automation effectively and avoid wasting their budget.

Some reputable RPA providers in Vietnam  


As a pioneer in providing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for FPT Corporation, some outstanding features of AkaBot’s RPA solution:

  • An overall solution developed by Vietnamese people
  • Having many years of experience working with major partners
  • Understanding the Vietnamese market

Viettel Solutions:   

Viettel Solutions (Viettel Business Solutions Corporation) is a member company of the Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group.

Some advantages of the RPA solution provided by Viettel Solutions:

  • Extensive experience implementing automation with internal processes
  • Quality human resources

CMC Technology & Solutions (CMC TS):  

CMC Technology & Solutions (CMC TS) is an enterprise consulting and implementing security solutions and digital transformation in Vietnam.

This is also one of the businesses that cooperate with RPA tool suppliers in the world such as UiPath, and Automation Anywhere. However, the license costs for these tools are quite high.

ABeam Consulting:

ABeam Consulting is a Japanese Corporation that has 40 experienced years in management consulting and IT Outsourcing. Some features of ABeam Consulting:

  • Having many experienced years
  • On a global scale with many big clients

LTS Global Digital Services (LTS GDS):

As a subsidiary in the ecosystem of LTS Group, LTS Global Digital Services is also one of the prospective RPA solution providers. LTS GDS commits to supporting and accompanying businesses during the whole RPA implementation process, with many advantages:

  • Well-trained and professional staff
  • Diverse solutions to adapt to the requirements of each business
  • Having a large network of leading tool partners from the US, Korea, …
  • Professional consulting service with competitive cost

To find the right supplier for the operation process and each problem of the business, customers need to have specific criteria. These useful steps help companies select the appropriate partners for their needs and prepare for the financial capabilities of enterprises.

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It can be said that Vietnamese businesses have many opportunities to develop and assert their position with an RPA solution. Right now, each step of the enterprise will determine the outcome!


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