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BPO Services

IT Support, Content Moderation, Call Center, Data Collection, Data Validation, Data Transformation

IT Support

An IT Support service refers to a centralized resource that provides technical assistance to end-users or customers in resolving their computer, software, hardware, or network-related issues. It can support a customer with problems related to a specific product or service.

Content Moderation

Monitor and track user-generated content based on platform-specific rules and guidelines to determine the permission to publish.

Call Center

A call center is a centralized department that handles inbound and outbound calls to and from customers.

Data Collection

Collect datasets in diverse types, making the best AI Data Processing service. Record Voice

Record voice

Collect image & video

Capture image

Record the video

Data Validation

Data Validation

Identify and correct annotated output failures, allowing your ML to achieve better performance at scale.

Data Transformation

Transform the data to make it better organized, improved quality, and maximized value.