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Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Transform your business with our cutting-edge RPA services. From low-code solutions to robust code-based automation, we empower your business processes to achieve 24/7 efficiency while saving valuable time and resources.

How to start your RPA Journey?

Discover your vision
Choose the suitable process
Deploy on a small scale
Scale automation across the enterprise
Operate & maintain
The clients suffer from operation issues and they search for digital transformation services. LTS GDS will play the role of a consultant, finding RPA solutions to the client's problem.
To decide the right process and propose the best-fit RPA solutions, it is necessary to address the following questions:
1. What process do you want to address?
2. Why is automation necessary?
3. What are the project's target outcomes?
4. Who will be responsible for operating this automation project?
5. How should the current process be standardized before applying RPA?
6. When will the automation steps be implemented?
7. How will the automation process affect the personnel in that department?
8. How much does this project cost?

1. Implementing an RPA solution in a small operational process.
2. Assessing the performance of an RPA pilot based on predefined specific goals to determine the feasibility of the project.

During the enterprise-wide synchronization deployment, a Business Analyst will be responsible for analyzing the deployment process and collaborating with RPA developers to ensure a smooth coding process.
Train the workforce to apply the new digital assistant effectively in the workflow. Strictly follow the end-to-end process to handle problems quickly. Offer an RPA extensive analytics solution for optimization and scaling

Top industries are leveraging RPA

Banking & Finance

The need to optimize processes in the banking and financial system is enormous. RPA helps banks and financial institutions increase productivity by engaging customers in real-time and taking advantage of the huge benefits of robotics.


In the insurance industry, the repetitive workload of processes is quite large, so RPA will be an outstanding technology solution that optimizes business operations when handling tasks.


Retailing is the final step in a complex supply chain with a huge number of products that need to be managed. Implemented RPA will help businesses increase productivity and accuracy rates, as well as save time of the workforce


The healthcare industry always requires well–qualified staff and stringent regulations. Covid –19 pandemic puts a heavy burden on the healthcare industry because of the shortage of human capital. These pressures are challenges for the treatment process. Therefore, applying RPA solutions to it for increasing efficiency, saving costs and enhancing the patient experience.

Energy and Utilities

The population in the world is rising and energy demand also increases, so the energy & utilities industry becomes a major problem. This leads to many energy & utilities companies invest RPA solutions.

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