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[RPA] Issuing Motor Vehicle Insurance Online with RPA       
reduction in daily issuance time
customer satisfaction rate
increase in work performance

Client Overview

Our client is a leading insurance company in Vietnam.

Business Challenges  

Our client sought a specialized RPA vendor to optimize their motor vehicle insurance issuance processes. Their goal was to seamlessly integrate Robotic Process Automation into their current system, drastically reducing the time required for policy issuance and enhancing the overall customer service experience.    

Our Solutions    

To develop an effective automation roadmap, we worked closely with the insurance issuance team to analyze the current situation and identify underlying issues. We found that the manual process caused significant delays and errors, affecting both employees and customers. 

Based on our findings, we recommended the following RPA solutions:  

  1. Data Extraction: Use OCR to access and read vehicle owner documents within the Online Vehicle Insurance Purchase App, collecting necessary data.  
  2. Data Verification: Compare the client’s input data with information available in the CRM system. If the information matches, the process will automatically proceed to the payment step. After a successful payment, the transaction is re-verified with the bank to confirm and authenticate the issuance of the motor vehicle insurance. 
  3. Final Delivery: Input customer details into the vehicle insurance management system and transmit the resulting API to the app. 

This campaign aimed to optimize RPA solutions using advanced technology tools such as Google Cloud Vision API, UiPath, and Outlook. The automated motor vehicle insurance issuance process not only saved time for both staff and customers but also optimized operations, significantly enhancing the customer experience.  

Key Results    

The streamlined online motor vehicle insurance issuance process has reduced daily issuance time by up to 81%. This improvement allows the insurance company to optimize its operation process while providing customers with a faster and more efficient insurance issuance process. 

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