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[RPA] Revolutionizing Daily Reporting in Banking
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ROI growth rate in the 2nd year of deployment

Client Overview

Our client is a one of the top banks in Japan.

Business Challenges 

With a presence in over 160 global offices, our client serves a vast customer base of 5 million in Japan, offering them a range of financial services. This large customer base in many offices leads employees to deal with hundreds of processes that need to be reported monthly. Meanwhile, it takes nearly 30 minutes to 1 hour to prepare each report. Compounding the issue, these reports lack a consistent formatting system, adversely affecting both the project development team and other stakeholders. 

Our Solutions  

To enhance the efficiency of the daily reporting process, our approach begins with a comprehensive understanding of the current manual workflow to classify specific challenges. Subsequently, through a consultative process, we devise a roadmap for automating the reporting process, with the aim of streamlining repetitive and time-consuming tasks. The project unfolds in four key steps:  

  • Access the task management system and download the task management files of team members. 
  • Summarize team progress in Excel, translating raw data into actionable insights. 
  • Transform data into impactful PowerPoint visuals, summarizing aggregated metrics from Excel. 
  • Craft and promptly dispatch emails containing attached Excel and PowerPoint files to the manager.  

This project involves the integration of crucial software tools, including Website, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Microsoft Power Automate, to optimize the report process. The goal is to establish a standardized and detailed reporting system for many offices that promotes the efficiency of the project development team and the organization. 

Key results 

Save 75% of daily reporting time 

Develop a consistent reporting system 

Increase employee productivity 

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