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Annotating 100,000 Runways Images for AI-Powered Flight
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Client Overview

Our client is a pioneer startup developing an airworthy autopilot system. Its system is certified to meet rigorous standards and is capable of completing exams designed for human pilots.

What the client needs

Our client sought a vendor proficient in annotating runways using a semantic segmentation technique. This is a specialized autopilot project with the following key requirements:  

An accuracy rate of 99%+  

Urgent delivery within 2 months  

Stringent security measures

How we did it

We leveraged our extensive experience in the automotive industry, a crucial factor in securing this contract. Additionally, our dedicated team and stringent security standards positioned us to meet these requirements. 

To meet the tight 2-month deadline, we swiftly assembled a team of 50 experts well-versed in semantic segmentation techniques to label the datasets. Moreover, we ensured the security of all information and data through authentication steps and an additional essential layer of security. 

Upon project completion, we not only delivered impressive results but also laid the foundations for long-term cooperation. We are honored to receive positive partnership proposals following this initial collaboration. 

What the results have 

100,000 images annotated     

99%+ accuracy level   

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