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[Data Annotation] Pizza ingredients annotation 
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Client Overview

Our client is a fast-food chain with numerous large-scale branches in South Korea.

What the client needs 

The customer was developing an AI model to identify pizza ingredients and calculate their nutritional value using image segmentation. This allows customers to compare calorie consumption and make informed dietary choices. Target accuracy is as high as 98%. 

How We Did It 

This food labeling project required a massive undertaking of 40,000 images, to be annotated within a tight timeframe at a top-notch accuracy rate (98%). To conquer this challenge, we deployed a rotating team of 60 experts in semantic segmentation to ensure consistent quality. 

After three months, we completed the project, achieving an accuracy rate that exceeded expectations. Our professional workflow and outstanding results have fostered ongoing collaboration opportunities. 

What the results have  

  • Annotated 40,000 images  
  • Achieved a 99% accuracy rate 

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