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Client Overview

Client is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunication equipment company that designs and markets wireless telecommunication products and services.

Our Project

What the client needs

Our customer requests us to label a dataset of transportation and vehicles in the long-term data annotation project. They were looking for a data labeling vendor who could annotate a wide range of objects (vehicles, traffic signs, road surfaces, and lanes) with types of annotation like Bounding box, polygon, polyline, 3D box, …. Especially, the accuracy rate of this project was required to be 99%.

How we did it

With diverse experiences working with similar projects in the automotive industry, we won the deal and started to set up a team of 20+ data annotators to deploy the project in more than 4 years. We used diverse types of data annotation like bounding box, polyline, polygon, and LiDAR and processed millions of images. The client was very impressed by our team’s capacity and has gone along with us for many years. High-quality data annotation and on schedule were keys to making this project a success.

What the results have

3,000,000 images annotated

99% accuracy level

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